Entry Instructions

All entries must be uploaded online. Only digital files will be accepted. We will not accept PDFs, ZIPPED files or anything other than the specified formats below. Do not mail in any hard copies of work.

6-10 entry pieces are required. (Go back here to review the rules). Each entry 'piece' should highlight ONE single project from your body of work. We encourage campaigns to be entered as a single 'project'.

A maximum of half of your pieces submitted can be personal work. The rest must be professional work (freelance and pro-bono work counts as professional work). Unpublished and client-rejected spec work counts as personal work.


For each piece, you will be prompted to fill out the 'Title' and 'Role' fields. The 'Role' field should contain what your role was within the project (Photographer, Art Director, Illustrator, etc...). Other persons who were major contributors to the project should be credited in the 'Additional Credits' field.

In the 'Project Type' field, select whether the piece was professional or personal work. Lastly, enter all additional information on the project, additional credits, and the client name (if applicable) in the 'Description' field - please credit yourself as well as all others that worked with you. If you are entering a website that is password protected, please provide this information here as well.

Description: This was done for the Spring 2012 launch of [Client]'s new denim line. It was featured in a special pull-out section of the May 2012 Issue of [Magazine].

You may upload one file per entry piece. If you would like to show multiple views of a piece, you must tile these into one file within the file requirements below. Your other option for showing multiple images is to embed them into a single URL page (that contains only images pertinent to the project) and provide us with the URL.

File Requirements:


If you cannot meet these size requirements, please provide a URL where the jury can watch it (Vimeo or YouTube is okay) Make sure the video loads quickly and that it plays in the browser and does NOT prompt the user for a download.